Introducing Japanese thinking

Japanese way of thinking
Introducing Japanese thinking
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This site introduces the way of thinking peculiar to Japanese people.
The Japanese have always valued the spirit.
Samurai also value the spirit.
Japanese business values our customers.
The Japanese value Japanese.
The Japanese are not dissatisfied with the unfortunate environment.
We will do our best in any environment.
The Japanese don’t like fighting.
However, he spares no life in fighting unjust violence.
The Japanese way of thinking may be different from other countries.
I made the site so that they can understand each other.
Introducing the way of thinking with the Japanese mind.

This site is written in Japanese.
But because it’s text, it’s easy to translate.
I think there are some words that I am not good at translating.
Please understand.


This site is in the process of being produced.

This site is in the process of being produced.
Please note that some pages may not be completed.

Introducing the contents of the sit

No1 Introduction of the basics
No.2 Train your creativity
No.3 Idea power is stronger than computer
No.4 Easy to use Super Notepad
No.5 How the brain thinks
No.6 How to use the brain wisely
No.7 Power up your brain with the brain you created
no.8 How to power up your memory
No.9 How to power up your thinking
No.10 Triangle thinking method
No.11 How to power up your inspiration
No.12 Thinking is born of philosophy
No.13 Ideas save the poor world
I will publish the author’s way of thinking

The information transmission date is November 25, 2021.